Institute of Engineering Mathematics and Applied Physics

Syllabus Mathematics Grade 12 – 2020

Course content:

This course will introduce the most basic elements of mathematics suitable for Grade 12 students who wants to upgrade their matric results. The course is designed for students who wants to pursue higher/further education studies in the engineering and the built environment.

It is therefore referred to as Engineering Mathematics course though students who wants to pursue other fields of studies such as accounting, sciences and medicine may also attend topics/programmes that are relevant to those fields of studies.

Topics/Programmes Include: arithmetic, introduction to algebra, expressions and equations, graphs, linear equations, polynomial equations, binomials, partial fractions, trigonometry, functions, trigonometric and exponential functions, linear programming, differentiation and integration.

Critical evaluation of technologies where mathematics is applicable to link and seamlessly integrate mathematics taught in the classroom with real engineering and the built environment world, including Introduction to Post Matric Engineering Mathematics. Thus, creating a big picture perspective.


The purpose of this private tutoring is to provide a complete year’s course in mathematics for those studying in the engineering, technical and scientific fields as already mentioned above.

The material has been specially written for courses leading to Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering Technology and National Technical Diploma.

The emphasis throughout the tutoring is on providing the student with sound mathematical skills and with a working knowledge and appreciation of the basic concepts involved. The programmed structure ensures that the tutoring is highly suited for general class use and for individual revisional self-study, and also provides a ready means for remedial work or subsequent revision.


Mr Thembinkosi Zondi
(Course Coordinator)
(MSAIMechE I MEng, PM, Wits I ACM, IATA, Canada)
34 Payne Road, Glenwood,
eThekwini, South Africa, 4001
Ph: +27(0)31 205 5475
Mob: +27(0)76 112 5769 (WhatsApp Only)

Mr Sifiso Vezi
(Guest Instructor)
(Pr. Tech I GCC I Candidate MCom, UKZN)

Contact Sessions:

7:00 – 10:00 Saturday morning
11:00 – 14:00 Saturday midday

7:00 – 10:00 Sunday morning
11:00 – 14:00 Sunday midday

Classes starting on 18th January 2020

Consultation Hours:
Flexible, appointment can be requested by email

About MMZ Engineers Institute of Engineering Mathematics and Applied Physics:

The establishment of this mathematics tutoring is the outcome of many years in the development of programmed and learning techniques in the institute. The lessons learnt over the years of conducting private tutoring has been incorporated in the development of the learning techniques owing to their success rate. The highlight of the learning technique was achieved in 1995 when first semester Mechanical Engineering students from Durban University of Technology enrolled in the private tutoring owing to the below par performance achieved in their first test in Mechanics I. Subsequent to the tutoring contact sessions, their second test results were incredibly improved and thanks to the learning technique deployed in the tutoring contact sessions. Ever since that time the passion for private tutoring Mathematics has reached the highest levels and therefore the establishment of the institute is the only logical option.


One textbook is required for this course: K.A. Stroud – Engineering Mathematics, 7th Edition, with Dexter J. Booth, Palgrave Macmillan. New copies of this book are available at Adams and Griggs book shops. Other recommended books will be communicated to students in due course.

Course Information:

The course syllabus, schedule, assignments, and other supplemental materials will be posted directly to the students’ emails. Students are responsible for the material posted on their emails and presented in lectures. In particular, students must bring with them the materials that are relevant to each day’s lectures. These materials include key graphics, example problems, and example exam questions (where these are available).

As a student, learning is your responsibility! The role of course instructors is to facilitate learning by lecturing and answering questions as well as to evaluate learning by assignments, projects, tests, and exams.

Success in this course will require a time commitment outside of class time. Each student should schedule specific blocks of study time devoted exclusively for this course. Ideally, there should be scheduled time between each contact session for review and preparation. The amount of study time required will vary with individual students.


Reading assignments will be given each weekend and tranches of problem sets, to be treated as homework assignments, will be given.

Reading Assignments:

Reading assignments from the textbook are assigned for each class. Students are responsible for reading this material BEFORE class of the specified due date. Students are wise if they to review this material again after the lecture.

Homework Assignments:

Completing the problem sets is an important portion of this class and will be required preparation for the exam. Problem sets will be posted on students’ emails, and solutions will also be made available on the emails.

Each set will have to be returned due at the beginning of the first lecture on the due date. No late submissions will be accepted. As per institute standing orders, all calculations must be submitted on the standard calculation paper of the institute.

Calculation paper can be purchased from Mr Thembinkosi Zondi. Your solutions should follow a specific format. This is to help you acquire the skills necessary to master the course’s final examinations. For full credit on your homework, please follow this format

  1. State the objective of the problem in your own words.
  2. Solve the problem showing all assumptions and without skipping any steps. Make sure that all parameters have clearly indicated correct units. Include a brief running summary so that I can follow exactly what you have done.
  3. Box all Answers, and call attention to important intermediate results.
  4. Discuss briefly (one complete sentence) the significance of the results.

Final Exam:

A final exam will be given on the morning contact session on the date to be communicated. The final exam will cover all the work done in the course. The exam venue is yet to be decided.


Grades will be assigned based on the two problem sets, attendance and participation during contact sessions, and final exam scores. Scores will be weighted to compute final grades as follows: Attendance and Class Participation; 10%; Assignments 20%; Final Examination 70%.


Your participation in this class is necessary. Students who volunteer good questions or answers are always appreciated. However, as a student you may be called upon at any time whether or not you volunteer. You will also be required to work in groups from time to time.


Students are expected to treat others fairly, with respect and courtesy, regardless of such factors as age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. In this class, you are expected to contribute to the overall learning climate such that others feel welcome, are respected, and are able to develop to their full potential. This will allow each person to contribute to the success of the class as a whole. MMZ Engineers Institute of Engineering Mathematics and Applied Physics is committed to maintaining a productive, enjoyable, and diverse campus environment.

Thinking Critically and Independently: As the course instructors, our sincere hope is that as a graduate of the MMZ Engineers Institute of Engineering Mathematics and Applied Physics, you will be a thoughtful citizen, as well as a fundamentally sound student.

Academic Integrity:

We encourage you to work together on assignments. You must, however, come up with you own solutions to the problems. Turning in an exact copy of your classmate’s homework is not acceptable. We are intolerant of dishonesty. If a student is caught cheating, we will gladly punish him/her to the fullest extent in accordance with the institute academic policy.


As stated above, classes are scheduled to start on the 18th January 2020, therefore registration is now open to all students who wants to enrol on the course. Use the contact details highlighted above to reach the course coordinator.

Venue Physical Address:

At the institute, we enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with school principals to make available school premises that are safe, secure and in close vicinity to where the students reside.

Course Fees:

For eight two-hour contact sessions in a month, you pay only R1500.00/month per student (excluding VAT). You may also choose to pay only R187.50 per a two-hour contact session (excluding VAT).

Covid-19 Relief Measures

For qualifying students, the course fees have been discounted to R31.25 per hour only (excluding VAT). The student is required to attend the full 3-hour contact session in order to get the optimal contact time with the topic of the day. Therefore each full 3-hour contact session is charged at R93.75 only (excluding VAT).

Payment Method:

Payment may be electronically transferred or directly deposited as per banking details listed below:

Bank Name: Nedbank
Branch Name: Bedfordview
Account Type: Cheque
Account holder: MMZ Mechanical Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd
Reference: Student name and surname
Account number: 112 0880 246

Class Size Per Contact Session:

Enrol now, limited space available, class size not to exceed 30 students per contact session to ensure optimised facilitation-interaction in the classroom.

Wishing You A Bright Future!!!