Engineering and Project Management

At MMZ Engineers we focus on Mechanical and Mechatronic (Electro-Mechanical) Engineering Consulting Services.

In each and every entity we are contracted to, we diligently conduct technical investigations, carry out research, engage in development, produce engineering concept-to-final design, reverse engineer and improve performances on Manufacturing Plants, Factories, Systems, Products, Machines (Equipment), Machine Elements (Componentry/Parts), and Enhance Production Processes via Automation (Electro-Mechanical/Mechatronic).

Since our business core competence at MMZ Engineers is centered on Engineering Project Management, we have designed a Value Proposition for the public sector where we offer professional project management services that are geared towards unlocking value for the client and/or service provider.

A complete suite of packaged service offering is available on request in a soft copy and/or hard copy formats, including our detailed business profile and please do not hesitate to contact us to get your copy in your preferred format.

Highlighted below are the core sectors and industries we have direct working experience with:

1. Petrochemical
a. Crude Oil Refineries
b. Pharmaceuticals

2. Sugarcane Milling
a. Sugar Mills
b. Fabricators

3. Mining
a. Ferrochrome into Iron Ore
b. Phosphate and Sulphate Rocks into Acids

4. Automotive
a. OEM
b. Component Suppliers

5. Logistics
a. Maritime
b. Aviation

6. Water Services
a. Municipalities
b. Water Boards
c. Privately Owned and Operated Utilities
d. Consumers

7. Healthcare
a. Hospitals
b. Clinics